Arbitrum DAO Votes For $215 Million Crypto Infusion – Here’s Where The Money Is Headed

The Arbitrum DAO has voted in favor of a $216 million crypto infusion aimed at supporting and developing its gaming ecosystem. Meanwhile, crypto investors have injected millions of dollars into the Decentralized Exchange (DEX), and ETFSwap (ETFS) to democratize access to tokenized ETFs.

Crypto Investors Acquire Over 10 Million ETFSwap (ETFS) Tokens In Hours 

While Arbitrum (ARB) is set to inject substantial funds into its gaming ecosystem, ETFSwap (ETFS) has raised millions of dollars to develop and expand its groundbreaking crypto and ETF trading platform. Due to the success of its previous first presale stage, the crypto project has gained immense popularity in the crypto space, with investors flocking to its ongoing presale to acquire millions of tokens. 

This platform allows users to buy and trade institutional tokenized ETFs, providing advanced trading tools that help users track their various ETFs’ real-time market performance. To further improve its platform’s security and performance, ETFSwap (ETFS) has incorporated blockchain technology to boost transparency and anonymity.

ETFSwap’s smart contracts have also been audited by CyberScope, a prominent audit firm within the crypto space. The audit thoroughly assessed its security and underlying infrastructure, finding no flaws and attesting to its robust safety measures against cyber threats. 

This innovative platform also has numerous trading features tailored to boost the user experience as they navigate ETFSwap’s ecosystem. Some of the best features include 24/7 ETF risk management service, reduced trading fees, ETF management benefits, 24-hour access to its trading platform and lower transaction costs. In terms of trading bonuses and rewards, ETFSwap offers up to 10X leverage on all trades, up to 50X leverage on perpetual futures and options trading and monthly token airdrops for token holders. 

ETFSwap’s public sale is ongoing and has sold more than 10 million ETFS tokens. ETFS is the native ERC-20 token of the ecosystem built on the Ethereum blockchain. Investing in this token is critical to unlocking the numerous opportunities available on the trailblazing platform. 

Investors can purchase ETFS tokens in its second presale at a lower price of $0.01831. Buying tokens early increases users’ chances of generating maximum returns as ETFSwap develops and expands. Moreover, token holders are given special privileges such as staking options and governance rights. 

ETFS investors can stake their tokens to earn passive income or staking rewards. Token HODLers are granted voting rights in ETFSwap’s governance, empowering them to influence the ecosystem’s developmental processes and future trajectory. 

Arbitrum (ARB) DAO Approves $215 Million Crypto Fusion 

The Arbitrum Foundation, a decentralized autonomous organization, has unanimously approved a proposal that would see 225 ARB tokens, valued at $215 million, being used to support the development and expansion of projects within its gaming ecosystem. 

The majority of the community voted in favor of the Gaming Catalyst Program (GCP), which will receive $215 million in financial support for approximately three years. The organization revealed in a blog post that the gaming program aims to spread awareness and adoption of Arbitrum/Orbit/Stylus by builders and players within the gaming community.

Moreover, the program will see some of the best gaming developers recruited into its ecosystem while also establishing Arbitrum’s network as an innovative and attractive space for developers to create intuitive and engaging games. 

The Arbitrum Foundation has also disclosed plans to allocate the necessary resources and tools for developers, utilizing unique strategies to ensure resources are utilized at their full capacity. Moreover, the organization emphasized the need to attract users and retain them.

Conclusion On Arbitrum (ARB) Crypto Fusion And ETFSwap (ETFS) 

While Arbitrum (ARB) has officially approved a $215 million short fund to develop its gaming ecosystem, ETFSwap (ETFS) has also raised a considerable amount of capital to further expand and improve its ecosystem.

ETFSwap’s presale has performed remarkably since its launch, growing to become one of the most widely used cryptocurrency and ETF trading platforms in the decentralized space. Its ongoing presale presents opportunities for investors to potentially generate massive returns on their investments. Investors can take advantage of its modest presale price to purchase as many tokens as they want before the price increases to $0.03846 by the second presale stage. 

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